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MacBeth and Marxist Theory

MacBeth and Marxist Theory Free Online Research Papers Marxist ideology doesn’t simply indicate a belief system, but a manipulative set of ideas designed to benefit a ruling class; one which dictates a false/faulty understanding of social reality and economic foundations. The Marxist viewpoint, as it relates to Shakespeare, according to Wiatt Ropp, in his easy entitled â€Å"Marxist Criticism: MacBeth as Ideology,† suggests that Shakespeare legitimizes established authority and supports its values and beliefs. He supports this theory with the supposition that MacBeth’s ambition and violent behavior â€Å"subverts his world’s natural order, and it results in the ruin of himself and those around him.† If society’s natural condition is harmonious, as those in power tend to assert, MacBeth’s undermining of the political order (killing the king), the moral order (his lies and murder), religious order (seeking the witches consult) and male dominated order (by giving into Lady Macbeth’s wishes), it stands to reason that MacBeth is bad and, therefore, must be punished. How else are those in power able to perpetuate their power? Noam Chomsky suggests that it is the â€Å"intellectuals† within a society that tell the rest of the citizenry how to think and what to do. (87) These intellectuals tend to drift towards the upper end of the social spectrum for their own rewards, and as a result tend to support the interests of that ruling class. Messages that support, for example, the president, the law and the system, then, are the inevitable end result of their undertakings. According to George Orwell, â€Å"Shakespeare liked to stand well with the rich and powerful, and was capable of flattering them in the most servile way. He is also noticeably cautious†¦in his manner of uttering unpopular opinions. Almost never dos he put a subversive or skeptical remark into the mouth of a character likely to be identified with himself.† (61) The implication here is that Shakespeare and MacBeth, exist to support the established authority and social order, that this authority is fair and good and that those who threaten it, as Macbeth has, deserve whatever ill-fortune befalls them. The end game this ideology exists to create is an attitude of resignation; one which encourages the notion that change is not only undesireable, but, more than likely, unmanageable. Research Papers on MacBeth and Marxist TheoryEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenAnalysis Of A Cosmetics AdvertisementCapital PunishmentThe Relationship Between Delinquency and Drug UseCanaanite Influence on the Early Israelite ReligionRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoAssess the importance of Nationalism 1815-1850 EuropeHonest Iagos Truth through DeceptionBringing Democracy to Africa

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Five Longest Mountain Ranges in Europe

Five Longest Mountain Ranges in Europe Europe is one of the smallest continents but you wouldnt know it from the size of some of its mountain ranges. The mountains of Europe have been home to some of the most daring feats in history, used by explorers and warlords alike. The ability to safely  navigate these mountain ranges helped shape the world we know today through trade routes and military achievements. While today these mountain  ranges are mostly used for skiing and marveling at their wondrous views, their history is no less important.  Ã‚   Five Longest Mountain Ranges in Europe Scandinavian Mountains - 1762 kilometers (1095 miles) Also known as the Scandes, this mountain range stretches through the Scandinavian Peninsula. They are the longest mountain range in Europe. The mountains arent considered  very high but theyre known for their steepness. The western side drops into the North and Norwegian sea. Its northern location makes it prone to ice fields and glaciers.   Carpathian Mountains - 1500 kilometers (900 miles) The Carpathians stretch across Eastern and Central Europe. Theyre the second-longest mountain range in the region. The mountain range can be divided into three major sections, the Eastern Carpathians, Western Carpathians, and the Southern Carpathians. The second largest virgin forest in Europe is located in these mountains. They are also home to a large population of brown bears, wolves, chamois, and lynx. Hikers can find many mineral and thermal springs in the foothills.   Alps - 1200 kilometers (750 miles) The Alps are probably the most famous mountain range in Europe. This range of mountains stretches across eight countries. Hannibal once famously rode Elephants across them but today the mountain  range is more home to skiers than pachyderms. The Romantic poets would be enamored with the ethereal beauty of these mountains, making them the backdrop for many novels and poems. Farming and forestry are large parts of these mountains economies along with tourism. The Alps remain one of the worlds top  travel destinations, with good reason.  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹ Caucasus Mountains - 1100 kilometers (683 miles) This mountain range is notable not only for its length but also for being the dividing line between Europe and Asia.  This mountain range was an important part of the historical trade route known as the Silk Road. This was the road which connected the ancient Eastern and Western world. It was in use as early as 207 B.C., carrying silk, horses and other goods to trade between continents.   Apennine Mountains - 1000 kilometers (620 miles) The Apennine mountain range stretches the length of the Italian Penninsula. In 2000, the Environment Ministry of Italy suggested extending the range to include the mountains of Northern Sicily. This addition would make the range 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) long. It has one of the most intact ecosystems in the country. These mountains are one of the last natural refuges of the largest European predators like the Italian wolf and Marsican brown bear, which have gone extinct in other regions.

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Robert Frost Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Robert Frost - Research Paper Example Significantly, Frost occupies the status of one of the most read and constantly anthologized poets in American literature. The most remarkable characteristics of Frost’s poetry include the clarity of his diction, his colloquial rhythms, the simplicity of his images, and the unsophisticated and direct method of writing. As Katrin Gischler (2007) maintains, â€Å"Although his career started only at the age of forty, he made his mark as a poet, becoming more and more widely known until at the end he was the United States’ de facto poet laureate. He was a four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize and received an unprecedented number and range of literary, academic, and public honors.† (Gischler, 3) Therefore, it is fundamental to realize that Robert Frost had a highly successful poetic career, which hit its peak when he recited his poem â€Å"The Gift Outright† at the inauguration of John F Kennedy in 1961. This paper makes a reflective exploration of the most es sential thematic elements in the poetry by Robert Frost, focusing on some of his most celebrated poems. Robert Frost was born to journalist William Prescott Frost, Jr. and Isabelle Moodie, in San Francisco on March 26, 1874. At the age of eleven, Frost’s father died of tuberculosis and he moved to New England, along with his mother who now resumed the career of a teacher in order to support the family. From his early school years at Lawrence High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Robert Frost developed interest in reading and writing poetry. Following his studies at Lawrence High School, Frost was enrolled at Dartmouth College in 1892, although he did not earn a formal degree. It is evident, from a biographical study of the poet, that Robert Frost had a tumultuous and unstable early life, but a stable and happy adult life with his wife Elinor Miriam White and his children. â€Å"The first thirty-eight years of his life were determined by his own insecurity and vulnerability . Only the influences of his mother†¦ did much to shape Frost’s basic nature. Later on, Frost also felt the influence of his high school comrade, Carl Burrell†¦ The last and longest influential relationship was that with Elinor White, whom Frost married in 1895.† (Gischler, 3) Elinor White remained the chief source inspiration for many of the poems by Robert Frost. A close analysis of the biography of Robert Frost confirms that his personal life, especially the early stages of his life, was overwhelmed with sorrow and hammering, including the death of his father due to tuberculosis, of his mother due to cancer, and the experience of mental illness and depression by his younger sister Jeanie, his daughter Irma, and his wife Elinor. Therefore, it is fundamental to realize that Robert Frost withstood several misfortunes and miseries all through his life to produce some of the most fascinating lines of poetry ever written in literature. Thematic Elements in Frostà ¢â‚¬â„¢s Poetry In American literature, Robert Frost holds a unique and almost isolated position, thanks mainly to the rhetoric devices and thematic elements of his poetry. Significantly, the basic emotional or psychological experiences expressed by this great poet of nature make an impact on the readers even today. It is essential to realize that, even while following the essential principles of versification, Robert Frost’s poetry is rich with psychological meaning and humanist ideologies. The poetic intelligence of Frost can be very well understood in the way he used traditional poetic devices such as

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Product Reassessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Product Reassessment - Essay Example With respect to gender, 80% of beer consumers using SABMiller products are male. Women account for 20% of SABMiller’s products consumed. The company’s market segments in the US are dived into 21-27 year olds. The Latin America population segment, the African Americans population segment and finally the 50 years or older population (SABMiller 2010). The target market for SABMiller has grown steadily in the past. 9% of the Latin Americans consume SABMiller products. SABMiller has positioned itself in the market to expect a 13% growth in consumption of beer by 21-27 year olds, a 32% increase in consumption of its beer products by Latinos, 15% increase in consumption by African Americans and 25% increase in consumption by individuals who are 50 years and above. As at September 30th 2012, the company’s sales rose by 4 percent in Latin America (Geller, 2012). This shows that the company has positioned itself strategically to solidify it position as the number two brewe r world wide. The company has adopted a strategy to promote its products in the existing markets in the US and avoid markets that are either too volatile or too small. Types of research needed to reposition SABMiller products Branding research SABMiller requires to embark on branding research in order to reposition its beer products. Branding research is instrumental in creating a brand that has a positive and rusted image in the mind of customers and stakeholders. Branding research enables the company’s products to be structured in a way that reflect the products as the best in the market. Through this research, SABMiller will put strategies to make its customers see, hear, experience and believe the company’s products are the best in the market. Branding research provides information that is utilized to increase brand awareness, brand recognition, and improve the perceived quality and credibility of the company. SABMiller needs to undertake branding research to posit ion its brand strategically and ultimately increase the company’s sales and profits (Vernom research group 2012). Business forecasting research. It is paramount for SABMiller to undertake business forecasting research to focus accurately on business trends. This is vital for the company to reposition itself as one of the best brewing companies in the world. This type of research assesses the opportunities for new technologies as vital elements to reposition the company’s products. Business forecasting provides information on how the company is supposed to use its resources. The resources are used to identify the market that is vital with respect to the company’s operations. Through business forecasting research, SABMiller will understand the customer’s acceptance of SABMiller’s products and customer’s likelihood to purchase its products (Vernom research group 2012). Image and advertising research According to Vernom research group (2012), SA BMiller’s repositioning among the fierce competitor should focus on boosting its image in the beer industry. This information should be obtained through conducting image and advertising research. This type of research aids the company to put more emphasis on its brand image when repositioning. Image and advert

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Abortion Essay -- essays research papers

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before birth, resulting in, or accompanied by, the death of the fetus. Some abortions occur naturally because a fetus does not develop normally. Or because the mother has an injury or disorder that prevents her from carrying the pregnancy to a full term. This type of abortion is commonly known as a miscarriage. Other abortions are induced. Induced abortions are intentionally brought on, either because a pregnancy is unwanted or presents a risk to a woman’s health. Induced abortion has become one of the most ethical and philosophical issues of the late 20th century. Modern medical techniques have made induced abortions simpler and less dangerous. But in the United States, the debate over abortion has led to legal battles in the courts, in the Congress of the United States, and state legislatures. It has proven to be spilled over into confrontations, which are sometimes violent, at clinics where abortions are performed.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There are many different methods in having an abortion. Induced abortions are performed using one of several methods. The safest and most useful and appropriate method is determined by the age of the fetus, or the length of pregnancy, which is calculated from the beginning of the pregnant woman’s last menstrual period. Most pregnancies last an average of 39 to 40 weeks, about 9 months. This period of time is broken up into three parts known as trimesters. The first trimester is the first 13 weeks, the second trimester is from the 14 to 24 week and the third trimester lasts from the 25th week to birth. Abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy are easier and safer to perform, that is because the fetus is smaller. Abortions in the second and third trimesters are more complicated procedures, which present greater risks to a woman’s health.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In the United States, a pregnant woman’s risk of death from a first-term abortion is less than 1 in 100,000. The risk increases by about 30 percent with each week of pregnancy after 12 weeks. Although it is so dangerous many women continue to have abortions. There are even some drug medications used to terminate a woman’s pregnancy. In a method commonly referred to as the morning-after pill, a woman is given large doses of estrogen which is a f... ...rtion which is extremely dangerous. On the other hand, the argument against having abortion is that it can be very risky. Some abortions are so severe that they can kill you. Most of the abortions don’t necessarily have to protect the mothers health since she wants to kill the baby. If the mother doesn’t want to baby so badly than she should put it up for adoption. Majority of the abortions performed in the United States are done in an unskilled way, which leads to either woman dying or having horrendous side effects such as the inability to have children. The woman who is having the abortion should be responsible to prevent a pregnancy from the beginning of the sexual relationship.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In conclusion I feel that abortion should be legalized through out the world. I think an amendment should be passed for all those unwanted mothers who either can’t afford to have a baby or who just don’t want it. Obviously my position on this case is to allow the choice of an abortion in any case. I hope I’ve proved my arguments for having an abortion. In the future, I aspire that abortion will be legal in all states and not just selected states through out the country.

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Home Soil by Irene Zabytko Essay

Home Soil is a story written by Irene Zabytko that takes place in Chicago during the Vietnam War. Bohdan, the narrator?s son, is the main character of the plot. His interaction with his father throughout the story proves that he is suppressing the pain that is within him. What led to this is the message that Zabytko intended for the reader; opportunities do not exist forever. Throughout the short story Bohdan displays regret, dwelling, and absolution as he realizes an opportunity has come and gone. The feeling of regret can weigh a person?s emotions beyond normalcy. As the story unfolds and the plane arrives in Chicago from San Francisco, Bohdan becomes immediately unsocial from an expected level. ?We stood apart, unlike the other soldiers and their families who were hugging and crying on each other?s shoulders in a euphoric delirium,? said Bohdan?s dad. Mentioned briefly in the beginning of the story was the fact that Bohdan?s dad was also in a war and had never spoken of it to anyone. As little words are exchanged, Bohdan?s dad finds himself wondering why his son has not told him any details of his journey. This is a realism that the father has had before in his own experiences. Zabytko then begins to tell the father?s story of regret in a lengthy description, including all of his war efforts. When regret is established one tends to dwell on that incident searching for a resolution. The semi-torturing act of dwelling is a replay of events that lead up to and include the regret that took hold. Bohdan?s parachute pin is a form of symbolism. The pin represents an unattainable dream of his. Bohdan hasn?t been able to stop thinking about the one thing he was not able to do. This, in return, explains why his concentrations seemed to be elsewhere than the reality he was living in. Bohdan?s dad also has flashbacks in his mind that cannot be controlled. Zabytko gives superb imagery as she has the dad describe his compelling story of regret. With a better understanding of dwelling through the father?s story the reader can now place a similar burden on Bohdan. ?I see him staring at the round carapace of a ceiling, stoic icons staring directly back at him,? said the dad. This image presents the importance of the thoughts that are running through Bohdan?s head. Once a person has dwelled on something to the point of driving himself insane he  then usually searchs for a forg iveness or absolution. When bad thoughts have reached maximum capacity and possibilities of correction seem impossible, the last resort is a formal freeing of one?s guilt. Built up throughout the story was Bohdans? social behavior. Also, throughout the story, the father?s emotional behavior built up with Bohdans? silence. Zabytko shows the father?s plea for forgiveness when he says, ?I should have shot her. I should have spared her from whatever she had to go through.? Ultimately Bohdan wants forgiveness as well. With his father by his side, crying in the garden, Bohdan tries to cleanse his regret. The only way out of one?s regret is to except it as a missed opportunity. Bohdan does this when he says, ?Tato, I didn?t know anything. You know, I just wanted to jump out from planes with my parachute. I just wanted to fly?.? As the story ends with that statement it is assumed that the father reveals his regrets to his son as well. With sin, guilt, and obligation one ponders why they exist. They are all some given opportunity that was taken or understood the wrong way. Zabytko shows how decisions are vital for survival and wrong ones can hurt you. Some opportunities do not exist forever; do not let them slip by as Bohdan and his father did.

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Neoliberalism An Dominant Ideology Of The Modern Era

Neoliberalism has often been referred to as the dominant ideology of the modern era, focusing primarily on human well-being as a mode of political economic practice through which constructs like strong private property rights, free trade, and free markets and be liberated through individual entrepreneurial freedoms and skills. Neoliberalism perpetrates the ideas of deregulation, privatization, austerity, and blame in modern society, which all affect the transgender community disproportionately in a negative manner. For example, neoliberal ideologies, tactics, and effects create an upward distribution of wealth, both nationally and globally, that results in a precarization of labor. Subsequently, members of the transgender community are not†¦show more content†¦In his book Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of Law, lawyer, writer, and professor Dean Spade argues that the majority of social justice works needs to dismantle the notion that legal action in the form of recognition, visibility, and inclusion, such as anti-discrimination laws and hate crime legislation, will eliminate transphobia and related injustices, and encourages activists to take action that will transform societal standards from general society to the transgender community on an ascending scale as the only way in which to ensure sustainable, effective results. He argues that formal, or legal, equality is not deterrent, and exists as a space in which bias, exclusion, and discrimination still occur, differentiating it from actual, effective equality. Before prejudicial behavior can even occur within the legal system, however, Spade points out that litigation is expensive, thus nearly impossible for members of the transgender community to obtain and they are often precluded from job opportunities as a result of transphobia within the professional world. In addition, intent is